L'acqua della fonte delle ninfe (RU)


What does science have to say about Ninfe Nitrodi spring water?

We have underlined more than once that Nitrodi spring water is a cure-all for various illnesses and cures various physical diseases. All this could not go unnoticed by spa water scholars who have been interested in analysing the characteristics of the spring and understanding its therapeutic effects since the Renaissance. And Giulio Iasolino, the Calabrian doctor, in particular with his De Rimedi Naturali che sono nell'isola di Pithecusa hoggi detta Ischia (Natural Remedies on Pithecusa Island called Ischia), a work which is considered the oldest and most complete medical hydrology treatise. 


We believe a collection of scientific literature on Fonte di Nitrodi may be of interest to those looking for further information on the subject.

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WATER ANALYSISUniversità degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”Department of Chemical Sciences 7th November 2016

Fixed residues at 180°C 1070
Silica 73
Bicarbonate ions 450
Chloride ions 158
Sulphate ions 278
Sodium ions 171
Potassium ions 30,2
Calcium ions 156
Magnesium ions 13,5
Iron ions < 0,02
Ammonium ions < 0,05
Total phosphorus < 0,05
Bisulphate ions (hydrogen sulphide level) < 0,05
Strontium ions 0,35
Lithium ions 0,05
Bromide ions 0,18
Barium ions < 0,2
Manganese ions < 0,01
Nitrate ions 32,1
Nitrite ions < 0,002