Its hot, health giving waters are a treasure trove for Ischia and have been well known and appreciated since antiquity.

he island has still active spa waters which were used in Roma times, the most famous of which are the Nitrodi springs as the votive tablets to the nymphs and Apollo found there testify. What marks Ischia out from other spa centres is its plentiful sources and springs which constitute one of the world’s richest hydrothermal legacies with 69 fumarole groups and 29 hydrothermal basins from which pour 103 ‘spring emergencies’.


The island is around 42 square metres in size which means that underneath the island is an ultra-dense network of thermal springs resulting from its volcanic geology. Furthermore each spring has different chemical and chemical-physical characteristics with a wealth of dissolved mineral salts and heat, from 40 degrees upwards, in common.


Scientists have classified waters into two large groups with numerous intermediate stages between them.


The island’s sodium-chloride (salt) waters, are a large majority with a grand total of 77 springs across the island and the bicarbonate-alkaline mineral waters, with 20 springs, are present above all at Casamicciola Terme and Barano.


This difference of composition means that each one of them is especially recommended for the healing and treatment of different specific illnesses with the Nitrodi springs being especially well suited to skin and hair beauty treatments.

Baths, showers, saunas, muds.

There are various wonderful ways of looking after yourself, relaxing, toning and looking better at the island’s spas and the benefits are heightened and increased by the surrounding environment which is equally rich in natural essences and energy stimuli making for an interesting synergy which benefits both body and mind.  A burst of seawater at a break on the coast, aromatherapy on a stroll through Mediterranean maquis plants, fresh air on the climb to Mt. Epomeo, the sun’s heat on your skin and, lastly, the beauty of the panoramas are all equally wellness stimulants.


This is why Ischia island can be considered a top class spa centre as a whole, a health, youth, beauty and happiness citadel.




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