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Take your place at the Greek table. Menippus’s restaurant

A subtle Graeco-Roman theme runs through the whole of the Ninfe di Nitrodi springs and thus Ristoro di Menippus, the park’s food space, keeps to this theme with its culinary and environmental elements. Our cuisine is inspired by the ancient Greeks whose diets were frugal, based on simple but nutritionally varied dishes.


Fresh local products such as vegetables, mozzarella and Ischia artisan cheeses, bread made with Nitrodi spring water, the tastiest fruit growing in the island’s countryside: these are all delicacies to be tasted in our little corner of paradise in the midst of sage, rosemary and aloe plants. And to recreate the ideal atmosphere the table décor has also been given a Greek touch. Dishes and drinks are served with cups, plates and jugs in ancient forms and each table features terracotta miniatures in the centre.


Ristoro di Menippo is also a bar space and offers excellent Mediterranean essence drinks.


From Fonte di Nitrodi’s magical plants, infusions and herbal teas for total wellness.

Our park is a plant treasure trove with vegetation with the most varied characteristics whose benefits are best obtained in infusions and herbal teas with Nitrodi’s excellent water as their basis.


This is the concept behind our wellness drinks, delicious refreshing drinks and water ices, relaxing, energising and lymph draining beverages to be sipped between sunbathing and a shower or after a treatment or massage to reinforce its effects.


The leaves of the plants which go into our drinks are gathered at the first light of dawn, when they are at their most balsamic, when essential oils and the active principles of fresh herbs are at their maximum concentration.


They are sweetened with honey only. As well as doing us good they are also genuinely delicious!