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until 6.06.2024

€ 35 All day ticket Park + PLUS (self-application face-mask + herbal tea)
€ 40 All day ticket OASI + PLUS 
€ 70

All day ticket OASI PLUS + 30 min massage 

€ 75



All day ticket OASI + 60 min massage in panoramic gazebo + Plus


All day ticket OASI SEAVIEW TERRACE + 60 min couple massage in panoramic gazebo + Plus

Face Beauty

The Nitrodi SPAEH method. Entrust the beauty of your face to those who know how to make it radiant.

Body beauty

Nitrodi SPAEH Whitetherapy method: a burst of wellbeing for your skin.


Physical beauty and inner balance: Ayurvedic massage

Traditional treatments

Give an additional boost to the spring water with our treatments



Balneotherapy is one of the main external curative methods in treatment of chronic rheumatic and skin problems.


Reiki Therapies

Therapies with Master Reiki Shinpiden


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From the Nitrodi thousand year old springs, seven beauty product ranges for an attractive healthy skin. A new wellness philosophy: health through water and herbs, Salus per Aquam et Herbas.

The Nitrodi spring - in Barano, on Ischia island - has a very long history.


The ancient Greek colonisers who settled on the island praised the therapeutic properties of these spa waters which they judged especially effective in curing skin diseases.


Ischia Spaeh has been managing the Fonte delle Ninfe Nitrodi spa complex since 2013 in accordance with tradition but in a dynamic and modern style.


Ischia Spaeh SRL was set up in 2011 with the goal of developing top quality spa water beauty products and disseminating a new wellbeing philosophy: health through water and herbs, Salus per Aquam et Herbas.


Ischia Spaeh’s scientific staff performs ongoing study and research to extend its natural beauty product range for chemists, para-pharmacies, health food shops, beauty clinics, wellness centres and perfume shops.


All products are made on Ischia island and designed and formulated by scientific co-ordinator Prof. Giuseppe Sollino. The top quality of the products is the result of the greatest care and attention for every single detail from spa waters to absolutely top quality materials of Italian origin.




The firm has two certifications:


quality certification ISO 9001:2008, guaranteeing client satisfaction as the firm’s priority goal (no. 392113);

environmental certification ISO 14001:2004, guaranteeing that safeguarding and respecting the environment are one of the firm’s main objectives (no. 392113).

Ischia Spaeh is a modern, dynamic firm which is well known and appreciated across Italy and in various European countries. We have recently also opened up to the global market with production targeting Arab countries, Russia, China and Japan. The objective is to grow yet further to gain a leading position on the Italian market in the production of quality beauty products.



We believe that the excellence of our products will open up the doors to our future.

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