What does science have to say about Ninfe Nitrodi spring water?

We have underlined more than once that Nitrodi spring water is a cure-all for various illnesses and cures various physical diseases. All this could not go unnoticed by spa water scholars who have been interested in analysing the characteristics of the spring and understanding its therapeutic effects since the Renaissance. And Giulio Iasolino, the Calabrian doctor, in particular with his De Rimedi Naturali che sono nell'isola di Pithecusa hoggi detta Ischia (Natural Remedies on Pithecusa Island called Ischia), a work which is considered the oldest and most complete medical hydrology treatise. 


We believe a collection of scientific literature on Fonte di Nitrodi may be of interest to those looking for further information on the subject.

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WATER ANALYSISUniversità degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”Department of Chemical Sciences 7th November 2016

Fixed residues at 180°C 1070
Silica 73
Bicarbonate ions 450
Chloride ions 158
Sulphate ions 278
Sodium ions 171
Potassium ions 30,2
Calcium ions 156
Magnesium ions 13,5
Iron ions < 0,02
Ammonium ions < 0,05
Total phosphorus < 0,05
Bisulphate ions (hydrogen sulphide level) < 0,05
Strontium ions 0,35
Lithium ions 0,05
Bromide ions 0,18
Barium ions < 0,2
Manganese ions < 0,01
Nitrate ions 32,1
Nitrite ions < 0,002

The water is classified as sulphate, bicarbonate,  alkaline and alkaline-terreous hypothermal mineral water. Its therapeutic properties were recognised by the Ministry of Health with decree no. 3509 dating to 9th October 2003 Around 12,000 litres of water rush out of the Nitrodes Nymphs spring every hour. Thewater comes out of showers, wash basins and small fountains with no additiveswhatsoever. Visitors to the springs are advised to take frequent showers. For the first showers in particular you are advised to remain in the shower for at least 10 minutes.

The action of the minerals in the water leaves your skin soft and smooth but above allclean with no salt or smell residues, dilated pores and an epidermis able to breathe.

The richness of the bicarbonate and the mixture of minerals contained in the Nitrodisprings favour the natural washing away of layers of dead cells.

After a Nitrodi shower we advise that you do not wash with soaps or cleaning products at least for a few hours in order not to block the skin’s pores once again.

The effect of the bicarbonate on the hair will be evident right away with its full blownbalsamic effect leaving it clean and smooth.After washing we recommend that you leave it to dry in the sun to strengthen theeffect of the minerals.



A single spring for whole body health

Nitrodi spring water is truly a natural cure-all and many people have found applying  Nitrodi water beneficial. Its composition makes it ultra-effective in the healing of many skin conditions. Nitrodi water has generated excellent results for many people with

diseases and conditions, some of which are challenging, such as psoriasis, for example.

But Nitrodi water does not only cure skin conditions.

It also has many beneficial properties in other fields too: it favours and regulates diuresis, is effective in arthropathy and relieves gastritis and gastroduodenitis.

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Water from Nitrodi’s Spring Induces Derm
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The nymphs’ water for skin health and beauty.

For thousands of years now the Nitrodi springs have been successfully used to heal and treat skin diseases or problems. The results in some cases have truly been amazing, as the scientific literature and clinical studies carried out on the efficacy of the Nitrodi waters confirm as do the thousands of people who come to the Nitrodi springs for relief from challenging skin problems.


Nitrodi water is most effective for dermatitis cures and thus in almost all skin conditions (eczema, acne, neurodermatitis). It is especially effective via contact in ulcerous varicose veins because it acts on the nutritional tissue processes it comes into contact with and thus Nitrodi water is recommended in treatment of wounds, fistulas, boils, burns and ulcerous injuries.


A natural cure for psoriasis: the Nitrodi nymph water

Psoriasis sufferers well know how difficult it can be to treat this skin condition for which a definitive cure has still not been found. But getting the condition to regress so that sufferers can get on with their lives is possible.


And many people have achieved this by means of constant Nitrodi water applications. The spring’s specific chemical formula makes it particularly effective in skin cures including for psoriasis.


Results are rapid with skin getting smoother right away and inflammation diminishing after only two weeks of treatment. And don’t forget that the therapeutic efficacy of spa water cures is totally natural and thus free of side effects or damage to other organs.

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Don’t make a hole in the water! Drink Nitrodi water

In hydropinic cures, namely drinking water for therapeutic purposes, water has a diuretic, digestive, de-tox and gastro-calming effect. From this point of view and for these purposes Nitrodi water was studied in-depth in the late 1960s by Prof. Massimo Mancioli of Rome’s La Sapienza University.


Mancioli’s study highlighted the tropho-healing, anti-inflammatory and gastro-calming effects of the water, showing it to be especially beneficial for gastritis, gastroduodenitis and heartburn.

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