A paradise of panoramas, aromatic plants and healing water.

The Ninfe di Nitrodi park is surrounded by verdant hills in the village of Buonopane, in the south of Ischia island. The park winds along characteristic terraces which follow the form of the land in accordance with local rural traditions. The spa complex has showers and wash basins in which water is issued pure, directly from the springs without storage or chemical or physical treatment of any sort and at its natural temperature of 28°C.

There are no tubs and/or swimming pools with the exception of the jacuzzis exclusively serving the private terraces.



There are comfortable dressing rooms, waterfall showers, wash basins, chairs and beach umbrellas in the section of the park set aside for an encounter with the Nitrodes nymphs, those living in our waters and transforming a straightforward day at the spa into a one-of-a-kind health, wellness and beauty experience.


Every terrace opens up onto enchanting views ranging from the verdant rounded hills to the azure expanses of the sea and the deep blue of the skies. On these terraces olives, figs and pears alternate with Mediterranean maquis shrubs: sage, rosemary, lavender, thyme, broom and laurel. The panoramic terraces are relaxation and meditation zones.


Enjoying the cool shade of the trees and sea breezes whilst lying comfortably on your sun lounger is truly a unique wellness experience the world over. Obviously in a park sacred to Apollo, the sun could not be absent! And in fact four large well-equipped sun terraces are waiting for you so that you can get a ‘divine’ tan between showers!


Take the opportunity to take part in the organised activities on our holistic calendar for a unique natural wellness experience                                                        with our yoga, music therapy, meditation and mandala therapy teachers.




the Nitrodi spring’s most exclusive relaxation and wellness area.

Oasi di Nitrodi is an exclusive space for those wanting to spend a day at the spring in total relaxation. Its terrace set in the splendours of Mediterranean nature has just 20 sun loungers to ensure peace and quiet and thus total rest and wellness. There are two showers and a wash basin for the exclusive use of Oasi guests.


Book your space in the VIP corner of the park for an unforgettable experience.


The park’s geo-morphological structure is very complex with steep slopes and sheer tufa drops carved out by torrent like waters flowing down to Lido dei Maronti.

Parco della Fonte di Nitrodi has an aromatherapy itinerary which gives visitors the chance for direct contact with its aromatic plants and medicinal herbs thus reinforcing the effect of its waters. You are thus advised to take a walk through the park and pause at its hydro-aromatherapy spaces after drinking the water and showering in it.


Here, touching rosemary, sage, lavender, thyme and myrtle, for example, with still damp hands will stimulate your whole body, your cardio-vascular, respiratory and immune systems and, above all it will help you regain your psychosomatic Circadian rhythms which we tend to lose sight of in our everyday lives.


After your shower, rub the plants with your hands in a downward movement and then massage your body (rosemary, in particular, has a reinvigorating effect), always taking care not to damage branches and leaves.


SALUS PER AQUAM ET HERBAS, from the first century BC, a long wellness journey through time from the dawn of civilisation, a place which makes nature the true essence of healthy living.

“Every illness has a natural cause and can be cured using natural and recognisable means”.


Hippocrates 460 BC


Using spa cures, from a modern environment and local area symbiosis perspective, cannot be separated off from an ecological approach to our wonderful land. The concept of wellness thus takes on global connotations which imply feeling part - and an active part - of a territory in which interaction and integration are bound up with the very meaning of life and its cycles. Healing with water and the aromatic essence of plants is surely the most reassuring and complete therapy you can imagine.


At Nitrodi’s hydro-aromatherapy park you can combine the undisputed therapeutic properties of the waters and the essential oils of its plants on a wander through aromas, sipping Apollo and his nymphs’ therapeutic infusions. Aromatherapy and phytotherapy have been shown to be useful in combating and preventing both respiratory system and base metabolism diseases. 


And especially, secret aromatic fluids combat stress and depression, headaches and insomnia, arthritis, cramps and skin conditions. Many essential oils have disinfectant and expectorant properties and combat viral, bacterial and fungal infections. All this has been made possible at Nitrodi by a magical place in whose extraordinary environmental synergy life flows like the water in its springs. 


Prof. G. Sollino - Nitrodi naturalist biologist


The Greeks considered it an extraordinary, mysterious phenomenon, the Romans offered gifts in exchange for grace and the benefits obtained. From Menippus, an Alpine foothill doctor who lived two thousand years ago to Cav. Angelo Rizzoli and his research with Prof. Massimo Mancioli, by way of the dark ages to rediscovery in 1588 with Giulio Iasolino and then Venanzio Marone, Chevally De Rivaz and many others who wrote of its virtues and history.


Today the meaning of a promotion trajectory is also the meaning of the Nitrodi wellness proposal with its health giving waters attempting to safeguard extraordinary and unlimited values. Maintaining the potential for the most direct and authentic contact with nature by way of water, air, fire and earth. It is a wellbeing journey made up of straightforward and natural therapies using the plants present in the park and a touch of ‘do-it-yourself’.


With the individual not centre-stage but, together with nature, embraced and looked after by mother nature and capable of sensing and absorbing the vital energies present. Pausing to reflect a moment or longer in one of the park’s verdant corners. Regaining a perception of our subtle bodies and developing our spirituality, which is always within us and perhaps finally making contact with the nymphs.


This invitation is also my best wishes to you. Hoping that you will feel good here.


Giuseppe Di Meglio, Nitrodi Chief Executive Officer