In the East, bamboo is a symbol of everlasting youth, as well as health, luck and success

According to the ancient Chinese, bamboo canes absorb excess energy and restore the energy balance of the individual. The bamboo massage is relaxing and invigorating. The pressure exerted by the canes stimulates the neuromuscular plates, promoting total relaxation of the body and mind.


The cane with its bio-stimulant properties activates the blood flow, thus expelling impurities from the whole body. The canes with their refreshing properties get rid of excess heat from the body tissues, thus regenerating the cells from the deepest layers of the body. The right pressure exerted on cellulite lessens the orange peel texture by toning and reshaping the body.


From an energy standpoint, the plant is considered the key to understanding the body and has properties similar to crystals. Their vibrations penetrate the deeper layers of subtle energies, removing old memories from the cells and purifying the energy field. The plant is called earth-sky, well rooted in the ground and yet in continuous contact with the light of the Universe. The massage promotes energy and vitality, directing a person towards love, by balancing body, spirit and mind.



Minimum length: 30 minutes 55,00 €

Maximum length: 1 hour 95,00 €