Energy rebalancing therapy

The purpose of this therapy is to balance the ethereal elements - air and fire - with water and earth by manipulating the Marma or body energy points. The Marma points are important bodily pranic centres which tend to retain negative emotions and nervous tension. Acting on these enables us to free ourselves of the obstacles to energy flow throughout our bodies.


Therapies are personalised and encompass a range of treatments on the basis of individual imbalances including:


opening and balancing the seven chakras (body, spirit and mind harmony);
posturology (realignment of physical posture and postural stretching;
sciatic nerve remedies;
lymph drainage and toxin elimination;
foot reflexology (stimulation of Marma points on the soles of our feet corresponding to the various nerves, meridians and inner organs);
elimination of the body’s inner fever;
rules and advice for a correct diet on the basis of physical constitution to maintain perfect equilibrium.


Minimum length: 1 hour €100

Maximum length: 1 hour, 30 minutes €130